Kiwiclean was established in 2004 to offer a refuse container cleaning service for both domestic and commercial users, it has been expanded to include all types of refuse containers or bins.
We aim to deliver an exceptional service and having a positive impact on the environment and general well-being of all New Zealanders.

Our work in the community
One of Kiwiclean’s primary focuses is on the community.  We have taken it upon ourselves to both directly and indirectly make your community a better place to live.
Community satisfaction, community involvement and where necessary, community improvement all stem from one concept – community pride, and this is something that in combination with local government and other community groups and businesses, Kiwiclean’s services and initiatives hope to instill.
Thats right, it could all start from a street full of pleasant smelling wheelie bins!

Helping to protect our environment
Today more than ever we need to step up and take responsibility for what we take from, and put back into our environment.
Many people are unaware of the damage to the enviroment that may be caused by manually cleaning their own wheelie bins.

Instead of harmful bacteria flowing straight into stormwater drains, the waste water from our cleaning process is fully contained in our mobile cleaning unit and deposited at council approved waste treatment facilities.
Save water – We can clean 100 bins with the same amount of water that just five households would use to manually clean their own bins!
Wheelie bins – the better choice
To further protect the environment, we encourage the use of wheelie bins, a “reusable container”, instead of:
Adding to the waste problem by using paper or plastic rubbish bags and sacks
Putting added demand on natural resources used in the manufacturing process of bags and sacks
Seeing rubbish strewn about on our streets due to torn bags and sacks